How a Luxury Seminyak Villas Differs From Others

by annnorisbriannatownsend8

No holiday to Bali is complete without having a lodge at one of the Bali luxury villas Seminyak. Seminyak is Bali’s most sought-after neighborhood about the west coast, near to the vibrant beaches of Kuta and Legian. It can be sophisticated and laid-back, in easy reach of Kuta’s friendly and noisy beach and pubs only a few minutes away. The spas and end hotels as well as boutique shopping of Seminyak draw tourists from all over the region and the remainder of the world.

While being partly residential, Seminyak beach also is full of beautiful luxury villas suitable for the honeymoon couple or couple having a romantic break from your mundane. Nearby, Seminyak beach can be a continuous grey sand stretch which goes on for miles on either sides so far as the eye can easily see. The beach is known for its stunning sunsets, and a lot of beach-facing luxury villas in Seminyak offer guess views in the sunset using their gardens, patios and a few outdoor Jacuzzi.

The Spas

Seminyak is also the spa capital of Bali, with luxurious ambiance in sophisticated and elegant settings, but with prices still cheaper than their western counterparts. The high end luxury villas on Seminyak may already have their own in-house spas that guests can relax in. Plenty of villas in Bali offer in-villa spa services.

The Nightlife

Guests at Bali luxury villas Seminyak can enjoy some surfing on a relatively quiet beach as compared to Legian and Kuta which are south of Seminyak. At night, while it is not as lively and crowded as Kuta’s beaches, Seminyak still has its nightclubs on the beach, like Double Six. Seminyak is also home to Ku De Ta, an Australian-owned restaurant and bar with a beachfront deck from where expats love to watch the sunset and mingle.

The Shopping

And for shopping, there is no comparison across Bali to the fashion boutiques, innovative and hip fashion, art studios and designer stores that abound in Seminyak. Jalan Lakshmana, one of Seminyak’s main shopping roads, is home to several small designers and boutiques that is a good place for shoppers to start. Be it Indonesian antiques, eclectic home ware or local fresh produce, Seminyak is a good place to shop.

The Food

Guests in Seminyak’s luxury villas will be within reach of some world-class dining options that have grown up over the years around the neighborhood. A special dinner in Bali must be had at a Seminyak restaurant, where prices are high, but so is the satisfaction; the luxury and the ambiance that they offer are usually worth it.

With high end places like the French restaurant ‘Metis’ and the Mediterranean seafood restaurant ‘Sardine’, and the famous ‘Frangipani Bar’ to watch the sun go down, those who want to splurge will be spoilt for choice. However there are several excellent mid-range and budget options also available, with Made’s Warung for Indonesian cuisine, Cafe Seminyak for a continental breakfast, the French-owned ‘Le Tebu for salads taking the lead.

Bali has much to offer tourists that want to experience it, in the form of the culture of Ubud and its stunning rice fields, the mountain lakes of Mount Agung and Batur, the high mountain temples and their air of timeless mysticism, and sun, sand and surf. And among them, a few days spent in a Seminyak villa can make a Bali vacation seem like the perfect luxury vacation this side of the Pacific.